(Obviously written before I met my wonderful husband haha!)

I wish I could have given it to you

in exchange for what you gave me.

You willingly handed me your heart,

But I took it in my hand and just stared.

What do you want me to do with this?

I ask you in puzzlement, why me?

You expect the same gift in return,

You do, but you still won’t admit it.

I look in your eager eyes, take it! Take it!

My mouth hangs open in silent response.

I can’t take it, no good can come of it.

I will drop it, I will break it, I promise.


But, I don’t tell you.


I’m too scared to tell you.


I don’t have a heart to give you.

Mine is in no condition to give.

It has been given, and broken,

it has been thrown back in my face.

I am still struggling to catch the pieces.

I fumble them in my hands, there are too many.

I can’t hold it together by myself.

Glue isn’t working, the thread cuts right through,

the pieces I missed fall to the dust at my feet.

Is this the heart you wish me to give?

This is the heart that you want?

How can you give me yours?

look what I’ve done to my own!

My Savior bends down to write in the dust,

He picks up the pieces I dropped.

He takes the mess off my bloody hands,

and holds them close to His heart.

I will heal you, He tells me.

Can you please understand?

It’s His love I need now, not yours.