Why is love so much like chess?

Another ancient game we play.

hearts awakened to distress,

hearts deceived and lead astray.


A game of two, leave all else out,

Your world is now that board.

You must choose your certain route,

Your efforts out in passion poured.


Squares of black and squares of white,

middle ground or grey unknown,

You are either wrong or right,

Deprive them of their royal throne.


You lure their pieces out with ease,

formulate your methods first.

Rattle them with ceaseless tease,

victory can’t quench your thirst.


Sacrifice those you don’t want,

protect the ones you wish to keep.

Winners must be sure to flaunt,

losers with their hearts cut deep.


One heart will triumph, another break,

a sad but certain fate.

Your efforts lost, your king they take,

Ringing in your head: Checkmate!