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Essay titled “A Perfect Fit”

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the-seventh-sunYA Fantasy Novel Title: “The Seventh Sun”

Title: “The Seventh Sun”

Finished at 92k words and currently querying agents!

Pitch: Emperor Ahkin must save his people from another impending apocalypse and ensure the sun rises each morning. Mayana, a descendant of the Aztec water goddess, must hide her true beliefs and win the emperor’s heart, or quite literally lose her own. (Retelling of Aztec myth of The Five Suns). 


matterhorn-1516733_1920YA Fantasy in Process

Working Title: Up the Hill

PITCH: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, but the unknown tale is that if they fail, they doom their village to slaughter. (Retelling of Jack and Jill with Swiss folklore set in the Alps.)


flag-1247224_1920 YA Historical Fiction Novel in Process

Working Title: For the Valiant

PITCH: Charlie’s Angels meets the French Revolution. It’s the winter of 1789 in Paris, and in order to get her father out of prison, Marie Bertrand must serve the King by spying on members of the Third Estate, but the winds of revolution threaten to destroy everything she holds dear.



YA Science Fiction Novel in Process

Working Title: “By the World Forgot”

PITCH: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind meets Traffic in BY THE WORLD FORGOT. Eighteen-year-old Margot Reseda is a memory editing apprentice that accidentally discovers the dangerous reason the government wants her to edit the memory of her most recent patient–the son of the President of the United States.



Adult Women’s Fiction Novel in Process

Working Title: The Details of Dying

PITCH: Paul Alderman is a bitter Vietnam vet dying of lung cancer. Mark Sandoval is a young hospice chaplain trying to deny the feelings he’s developing for Paul’s granddaughter, Kelsey.