Fantasy Novel Finished!

I don’t know if I officially announced this or not, so here it is: The Seventh Sun is finished!

Well, I am still doing edits and tweaking like the neurotic perfectionist that I am, but to the rest of the world, it is finished 🙂  *collapses onto the floor*

I am getting as many critiques from agents and authors I can (I LOVE being a part of the RWA and ACFW for these very reasons), entering every contest through the ACFW and RWA I can find, going through each chapter with my critique group, and having some beta readers give me feedback etc. I am continuing to attend every workshop I can find within financial reason and reading every craft book I can get my hands on. Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell and “Structuring Your Novel” by K.M. Wieland.

As a teacher, I am constantly learning and growing in my practice through conferences, books, and blogs and I don’t see why writing should be any different. That, and I am just a natural sponge for learning as much as I can. I credit that to being the daughter of a research librarian!

I have several more novel ideas in my notebook I also want to start working on including a contemporary adult novel that’s more women’s fiction/upmarket and another YA novel that is science fiction! I keep hearing the more you write, the better you get, so I guess I will just keep writing! Luckily I love it so much!!!

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